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Management and Team
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Gescofid is a service company. As such, human resources are its true capital.

The professionalism of our human capital stems from several years’ experience as well as from the belief that passion for one’s job is the best way to carry it out easily and with the right motivation.

Thanks to our know-how, we’ve been able to retain a varied customer base, which appreciates our group’s reliability.

Gescofid is a continuously growing company, especially as far as human resources are concerned: started in 2009 by its founder, today it boasts a professional staff of 15 employees who do their best every day to help clients reach their goals.


Management e Team Pietro-Ottavi

Pietro Ottavi

Email: pietro.ottavi@gescofid.ch
Language: Italian, German, English, French
Management e Team Fabio-Marchese

Fabio Marchese

Email: fabio.marchese@gescofid.ch
Languages: Italian, English


silvia trivellin

Silvia Trivellin

Email: silvia.trivellin@gescofid.ch
Languages: Italian, French, German

Antonella Carbone

Email: antonella.carbone@gescofid.ch
Languages: Italian, English, French
Management e Team Lorena Salotto

Lorena Salotto

Email: lorena.salotto@gescofid.ch
Languages: Italian, Spanish

Claudia Mora

Email: claudia.mora@gescofid.ch
Languages: Italian, English
Management e Team Fabio-Locatelli

Fabio Locatelli

Email: fabio.locatelli@gescofid.ch
Languages: Italian

Nausica Porro

Email: nausica.porro@gescofid.ch
Languages: Italian, English
Management e Team Stefania-Braga

Stefania Braga

Email: stefania.braga@gescofid.ch
Languages: Italian

Lorena Compare

Email: lorena.compare@gescofid.ch
Languages: Italian, English
foto marco nuzzaci

Marco Nuzzaci

Email: marco.nuzzaci@gescofid.ch 
Languages: Italian, English, German

Anna Danesi

Email: anna.danesi@gescofid.ch
Languages: Italian, English

Daniela Minniti

Email: daniela.minniti@gescofid.ch
Languages: Italian, French, English


Giuseppe Salotto

Email: giuseppe.salotto@gescofid.ch
Languages: Italian, English