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About us


Gescofid is the ideal partner for a complete business service


“Our company was established in 2009. Our line of activities ranges from business management to accounting, tax and legal advice, as well as auditing and organization of management control systems.

The goal of our project is to bring a new kind of service to the market, in addition to the traditional activity of an accounting partner.

Since the very start, Gescofid has focused on all aspects that contribute to improving quality in business management, setting client satisfaction as its top principle.

The general organisation is ensured by a qualified management that is able to face with competence the challenges posed by the national and international market. Thanks to the professionalism of its specialists, Gescofid is able to provide advice and assistance for the preparation of financial statements in compliance with the Code of Obligations, the accounting principles and the applicable tax rules.

We are able to support you effectively in all accounting and administrative transactions concerning the management of your firm or your personal wealth”.


The founder and Chairman of the BoD

Pietro Ottavi


The Gescofid Group is able to directly provide global advice thanks to a diversified network as well as through wholly owned companies or subsidiaries.

The group combines opportunities, passion and professionalism in order to develop a broad range of services focused on clients’ needs.


Gescofid is the group’s parent company that provides fiduciary services as its core business. Administrative consulting activities such as financial accounting, administrative HR management, tax administration etc. are concentrated in Gescofid.

GescoService sagl

Grounded as an independent company in 2004, it joins the Gescofid Group in 2015, assuming the tasks of a service company; GescoService Sagl manages, inter alia, a service centre in Chiasso that occupies a space of 300 square meters providing offices and workstations for the Group’s clients.

GescoLegal sagl

Grounded in 2009 and an investee company of the Group since the very start, GescoLegal Sagl provides legal advice in corporate and contractual matters, as well as in national and international extraordinary transactions, through an in-house professional.

Assifin & Partners Sagl

We are a young insurance management and consulting company, established in 2013, by professionals and consultants with over 20 years of experience in the insurance sector. For us, the most important value is independence which allows us to operate transparently, fairly and free from the bonds of belonging.

Gesco&Partner Gmbh

Gesco&Partner Gmbh ensures opening to the Swiss German market, providing the same quality and professionalism offered by Gescofid.


Newborn company of the Gescofid Group, formerly Foletti Immobiliare Sagl, deals with stable management and real estate buying and selling, completing the range of offers to offer to our customers via an internal network.



First of all our team: the success of Gescofid is largely due to our team members, their preparation and, in particular, their everyday commitment.


We are committed to continuously delivering on our commitments, while respecting our clients’ needs and the planned or agreed deadlines.


We want to establish and preserve relationships of mutual trust with our clients, partners and employees, through an honest and direct communication.

Value for money

We offer the best possible value for money, putting special emphasis on the economic needs of our clients.


Our mission

Providing a top quality service by establishing lasting relationships of cooperation and mutual respect and confidence.

Our vision

Bringing a new kind of service to the market, in addition to the traditional activity of an accounting partner.

Our values

  • Winning together with our clients
    We are interested in the success of our clients, because we know that their success is our success too..
  • Respect and enhancement of people
    We recognize the value of each person in our team, ensuring respect and motivation.
  • Transparency
    We shall be always honest, truthful and able to justify our actions and decisions.
  • Integrity
    We know we are operating in an area of particular responsibility, which is why integrity is at the basis of our daily work. Indeed, integrity is essential for establishing relationships based on cooperation, confidence and mutual respect.