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Become entrepreneur: here are the factors that really matter
Sep 20, 2017

Become entrepreneur: here are the factors that really matter

From where should I start, If I would become an entrepreneur? Become an entrepreneur from zero is possible but there isn’t a fast way

Nowadays, even more people wish to become entrepreneurs. One of the reasons that encourages those people comes from the great chances given by the internet and the like, things that permit everyone to be noticed and have success. But, practically, why should you choose to become an entrepreneur?

We could give you a list full of really great reasons. But we think everything could be described with a single world: freedom.

An entrepreneur is a totally free professional .

  • Speaking of time

That doesn’t mean that entrepreneurs work less, on the contrary.  Movies and popular beliefs have shown us how much the entrepreneurs have a beautiful life, just signing some papers and spending rest of their time in a pool or having fun. We think that is unnecessary saying that is not the truth. But is also true that an entrepreneur can, of course, choose how to invest his own working time.

  • Speaking of dedication

 In the same way, an entrepreneur doesn’t have his bosses that spur him to give the 110% of his own dedication. He doesn’t fear the layoff.  He himself decides the amount of dedication to give at his enterprise. At his own risk, obviously.

  • Speaking of projects

Finally, something that is really important, an entrepreneur has the total freedom to choose what project he wants or to choose the staff with whom to embark on his journey. Without a doubt, working on a project that you choose by yourself with nobody imposing  it to you, can lead to some great personal satisfaction. Especially if you put your efforts on your dream or ambitions.

So, are you interested in becoming an entrepreneur?

Here below, we show you what we think  are the most relevant features that a good entrepreneur should have.

Please, note:  these are not innate features, everyone, with a bit of dedication and goodwill, can develop and sharpen them over time.

  • Discipline

The entrepreneur is free, of course. However, it’s a short step to find yourself overwhelmed by freedom when you’re taking advantage of it. A good entrepreneur must have an iron discipline, to allow him to don’t get lazy and to permit a constant engage on his projects.

  • Competence and humilty

Obiouvsly, if you wish to become an entrepreneur, you should be competent in the field you choose. However,  you should also have humility together with the competence. Indeed, the good entrepreneur should be willing to question and reinvent himself all the time, because every field he can choose for his business, as well as the market itself, is constantly changing. What we know today, could be useless tomorrow.

  • Lucidity and creativity

The good entrepreneur must have a clear mind, and think, as we say, “with his mind and not with his belly”, meaning you can’t make rash decisions. However, he should never hold back his creativity. A creative entrepreneur is also a competitive one, able to diversify, standing out against others and able to become noticed.

  • Leadership

Rarely entrepreneurs work alone. There are networks of employees and collaborators below them, more or less dense according to each case.This implies that a good entrepreneur needs to be also a good leader who knows how to encourage and lead his collaborators into the development of his projects.

  • Patience

Finally, to be an entrepreneur requires patience. The results can’t come overnight, unfortunately, a lot of dedication is necessary, as well as a decent amount of time.
An entrepreneur who aspire to get satisfactory results in a handful of days or weeks,  and isn’t willing to wait and engage himself constantly, is bound to fail.